Elephant Canvas “Blow” Art with Blanket & Bracelet

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Elephant Canvas “Blow” Art with Blanket & Bracelet

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Package Includes

  • Elephant Blow Painting: 20″x16″x1/2″ on canvas, painted by elephant artist at Fort Worth Zoo
  • “Malibu” Blanket from Wakened Collective
  • Tagua Elephant Bracelet

Original elephant art made by placing a stencil over the canvas and asking the elephant to blow “elephant safe” paint at the canvas.   The stencil is removed and the elephant design is revealed.

About Tagua: Tagua by Soraya Cedeno is a globally-inspired, Fair Trade jewelry brand, creating beautiful and unique jewelry to lift up and champion our employees. Based in Jupiter, Florida, our organic Tagua nut jewelry and accessories create a powerful impact in our artisans’ communities in Ecuador, where Tagua nut is sustainably harvested in the country’s lush rainforests.

About Wakened Collective:  We like to think of Wakened as the intersection where philanthropy, art, and sustainability meet. Since these three things are core values to us as individuals, they are reflected in our company. We’re constantly striving to bring you the best we can. In aesthetics, quality, and impact. We want to show the power that just one simple purchase can have. For that reason, we work to lower our negative impact, while extending our positive impact. These impacts include the environment, the individuals who make our products, the causes of your donation support, and of course — you, the customer.  Wakened Collective donates a portion of sales to the International Elephant Foundation.

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